This includes:

- Reception (Monday)

- Buffet dinner (Tuesday)

- Social program (Wednesday)

- Conference dinner (Thursday)

If you would like to book a hotel room, please send an email to Hotels van Oranje. A limited number of rooms is available, so make sure to book your hotel room in time.


Beach Hotel

Single room € 159,00/night
Double room

€ 179,00/night

Hotels van Oranje

Single room € 189,00/night
Double room € 209,00/night


  • Cancellation before March 25, 2019: you will receive a complete refund*
  • Cancellation between March 26 and April 22, 2019: you will receive a refund minus 20% of the fee*
  • Cancellation between April 23 and June 9, 2019 you will receive a refund minus 50% of the fee*
  • Cancellation after June 9, 2019: you will receive no refund


To cancel your registration, please send an email to:



€ 450.00
€ 100.00

Total: € 450.00

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy