Welcome to CPC 2009

14th Workshop on Compilers for Parallel Computing

January 7-9, 2009

IBM Research Center, Zurich, Switzerland

Workshop Information

The Compilers for Parallel Computing Workshop is a venue for researchers in the area of parallel compilation to meet and present their latest research activities and results. The workshop is held every 18 months. For information on previous workshops, click here.

The workshop covers all area of parallelism and optimization; from embedded systems through large scale parallel systems and computational grids. Thus, topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Parallel processing and automatic parallelization
  • Optimizations for exploiting the memory hierarchy
  • Optimizations for exploiting Instruction Level Parallelism
  • Optimizations for power consumption
  • Profile directed and feedback assisted compilation
  • High level specification and MatLab compilation
  • Architectural models and performance prediction
  • Just-in-time compilation
  • Dynamic and runtime optimization
  • Program analysis frameworks and tools
  • Backend code generation and optimization
  • Runtime systems

In principle, any topic that is of interest to a compiler designer is of interest for this workshop. To enable participation by as wide a range of research groups as possible, we will restrict contributions to a maximum of two papers per group.

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