PrivacyLab 010 organizes

Symposium Crafting Privacy

November 11th 2016 | Wijnhaven 61 Rotterdam

The symposium is free of charge. Tea , coffee, lunch and a drink are provided at no cost.


Crafting Privacy Together

The symposium Crafting Privacy aims to co-create a mutual understanding on the phenomenon privacy from different perspectives within a context. PrivacyLab 010 is developing a methodology named Crafting Privacy to analyze real life cases. The findings of two interesting cases will be presented by Anne Nigten. During the symposium participants will join the conversation on privacy in workshops, markets and a 'Privacy Café'. 

Food for thought

Crafting Privacy also provides food for thought and inspiration. Tijmen Schep will provide a conceptual framework on privacy by design in his lecture ‘Design my Privacy’. Journalist Brenno de Winter will give a sneak preview on his new book ‘Digitale Vloedstorm’ (Digital Flood Storm). And Jennifer Lyn Morone will inspire us with the performance lecture 'Minne, mine mine!'.


PrivacyLab 010 is a living platform for sharing and creating knowledge on the phenomenon privacy. This also involves issues like security, trust, identity, openness and big data. PrivacyLab 010 is an AppLab010 project from Creating010, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Rotterdam).