Dimitri Tokmetzis is an investigative journalist for De Correspondent. His work is often based on extensive data research, social network analyses and the creative use of new digital sources. Previously he wrote for NRC Handelsblad, De Pers, Trouw and regional newspapers. In 2012 he wrote The Digital Shadow, a book on how risk profiling is shaping our lives. With his colleague Maurits Martijn he wrote the book 'You do have something to hide' in 2016. In this book the writers argue that the loss of privacy is a collective problem instead of an individual issue. Have a look on the website of Dimitri Tokmetzis
Tjerk Timan works as a researcher at TNO, where is works on policy-related questions surrounding the role data in society (from privacy to innovation). He previously held a position as PostDoc researcher at the Tilburg Institute for Law and Technology (TILT), where he was doing research on new privacy issues in the 21st century. Previously, he was a lecturer at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he was providing courses on digital humanities, big data and visualization. He completed his PhD thesis at the University of Twente in which he investigated emerging and existing technologies of surveillance in urban nightlife districts. Have a look on the website of Tjerk Timan
Evelyn Austin works for the Dutch digital rights organisation Bits of Freedom. She focuses on empowerment and awareness projects, and is always searching for new ways for citizens to engage with the democratic process. Over the last decade, Evelyn has worked as a writer and organizer at the cross section between technology, art and society. She has a special interest in those areas where technology touches on issues of privacy, autonomy and freedom of communication. To stay sane she organises events on contemporary visual culture that go by the name The Hmm. Have a look on the website of Bits of Freedom