Rethinking Materials Security

Tuesday 14-May-2024, 2 pm - 5 pm

Climate Safety & Security Center

TU Delft | The Hague


About the event

The event will gather a multi-disciplinary roundtable of experts to foster the exchange of perspectives on the present and future agenda for critical and strategic materials security, and its interplay with climate, water, energy, and human security.


The roundtable discussions will revolve around two paradigms:

  1. The overhaul of critical and strategic raw materials winning processes, from traditional (mining, extraction, ...) to emergent approaches (mining from waste, deep-sea mining, urban-mining). Our discussion would have an interdisciplinary character and will include economic, environmental, societal and ethical challenges.


  1. The redesign of materials and products to replace/reduce a critical resource while preserving target functionalities and/or promote materials circularity, where modeling, experiments, artificial intelligence, and tailored investment schemes are exploited to overcome current technical limitations.


Through a uniquely multidisciplinary blend of expertise and perspectives, the meeting aims at fostering the co-creation of a holistic overview on how capacity building, research coordination, public-private investment, and public policy lie at the cornerstones of a sustainable and resilient materials ecosystem.


The round table Rethinking Material Security is organized by dr. Kevin Rossi and prof. Behnam Taebi of the Climate Safety & Security Centre @ TU Delft | The Hague.