Would you like to help us improve education in Peru? 

In Peru, where most of our exotic fruits & vegetables and berries are grown, quality education in public schools is a big challenge. Teachers often do not get enough training and do not master the skills to make their classes interactive and attractive. Education is a priority for Nature's Pride and this year we want to get a great amount together with you to help teachers improve their classroom skills.

In the north of Peru, where most of our mangoes come from, we will do this by providing teachers with tailor-made workshops to improve teaching skills. This proven method contributes to more fun classes for the children, so they learn more.

In southern Peru, where a significant part of our avocados and asparagus comes from, we are setting up vegetable gardens at two schools. Teachers can use them to make their classes more interactive and fun. In addition to the fact that the children themselves will be in the vegetable gardens, which contributes to their development, children also learn about agriculture, nature, nutrition and health, as they eat the vegetables and fruit.

How can you donate?

It would be great if you would like to support these projects for the children and teachers in Peru. You can do this by transferring an amount to:

Stichting Nature’s Pride Foundation

NL77 RABO 0342 85 0989

 If an invoice is required for the donation, we can send it. We appreciate, of course, any donation that you have for this charity!


    €0,25 / km (€125 total donation)

    €0,50 / km (€250 total donation)

    €1,00 / km (€500 total donation)

    €2,00 / km (€1.000 total donation)

De remaining amount collected will go to the Nature’s Pride Foundation. The Nature’s Pride Foundation was set up in 2013 by Shawn Harris and aims to finance projects in communities where they grow our exotic fruits and vegetables. For more information: https://www.naturespride.eu/foundation

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