Crossing Borders

in Times of Covid

13 December 16:00 – 17:30 (online)

Join us on a virtual road trip through Europe 

A participatory event related to the documentary Reopening Europe, with discussion groups on different themes, prompted by short videos.

Sign up and join us to reflect together on Covid-era Europe!

The Covid-19 pandemic reversed the decades-long project of open European borders. But at the same time it provided a moment for reflection. In June 2020 when borders reopened, the Reopening Europe project captured stories of diverse European citizens on the ground during a road trip through eight countries. From politicians and business leaders to artists and youth leaders, shared how the pandemic has impacted their lives in terms of precarity, along with hopes and fears for Europe going forward. Supported by renowned Brussels-based think tank Bruegel, a 28-minute documentary was released in September 2020.
Since then however, Covid-19 has roared back and Europe faces a resurgence. Many countries have reimposed lockdowns as record caseloads fill hospitals. Cities have seen street life disappear once more as the “reopening” days of summer become a distant memory.

Sign up & share your stories from the frontline 

“Crossing Borders in Times of Covid-19” takes you on a virtual road trip through the false dawn of summer 2020, placing people’s stories in context with the challenges we face today.

Presenting a unique time capsule of a continent reopening before the second wave, this event is an opportunity to explore the diverse human stories of lockdown, and share our own experiences, as we project an uncertain future. We believe that this free event, which is jointly organised by Studio Europa Maastricht and Reopening Europe, contributes to creating a common ground for empathy and resilience within our communities.  

Join us on Sunday December 13 (16:00 CET) for a virtual road trip through Europe. Engage in discussions on various themes related to Europe in this pandemic-defined era. Meet other citizens who live at the frontline of this crisis and exchange your experiences.

Are you ready to explore Europe together? This event will take place on Zoom (download here for free):