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First of all, the deadline is NOON on January 5th, 2016. You can subscribe at our website with your idea at Make sure that your application comprises your idea and how it relates to sustainability. Please note that it should not exceed the limit of 500 words. Also, do not forget to put down your names and study background.
If you do not have a group just yet, there is no need to worry as we make sure that there will be enough room to form teams during our first seminar. This also applies to students without a clear idea, but who are eager to participate. We would like to ask you to still fill out the registration form available on our website, so that we know that we can expect you during the seminars. We would also like to point out the possibility to find a group (member) in the Facebook group 'Cleantech Challenge 2016: Find your team':
Please do not forget to enroll for the course as soon as possible (WM0943TU, Sustainable Business Game). More information regarding the enrolment for students from Rotterdam can be found here:
Should you have any questions regarding the competition, even during the Christmas holiday, do not hesitate to contact us at Questions regarding the enrolment process can be directed to Esther Blom, your lecturer (
On behalf of the entire committee, we would like to wish you a very happy Holiday Season!
conference registration
 conference registration