Money laundering around the world (FIU The Netherlands (Round 1 & 2)

Nobody knows the number of billions of euro which are laundered on annual basis around the world. Within the shadow economy of the Netherlands the criminal turnover is estimated approx. 20 to 25 billion euro. Due to the fact the percentage of net gains are extremely high many billions have to be laundered.

Which tactics are in use by criminal organizations, which professional facilitators are required and HOW are financial analysts/investigators tracing money laundering.

The past decade law enforcement and the Financial Intelligence Unit have recruited smart and creative analysts/investigators. Employees with HBO en WO background who could never imagine that they would end up within law enforcement after their graduation and initial experience at the public or private sector.

Theo Akse is a manager at FIU- The Netherlands. He will guide you into the amazing world of money launderers and crime fighters.

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