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From February 2015 till the end of April 2015 visiting professor and serial entrepreneur Marc Meyer from Northeastern University Boston will give an advanced courses on clean tech based entrepreneurship aimed at launching your own new venture. This in close collaboration with the coordinator of the courses, Frido Smulders, Associate professor Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Industrial Design Engineering (TUD). In addition to these two core lecturers other teachers and coaches will contribute, like Dap Hartman from TBM, Bruno Ninaber from IDE, people from Clean Tech industry, investors, experts, etc.

The courses are principally for duo's with a tech based business idea and aims at bringing that idea as close as possible to launch.


The registration deadline for the course is February 26th.


You can find more information about the lecture content on our website and by downloading these documents.

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If you have any questions regarding the course or the event of February 19th you can send an email to

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