Online workshops on March 18

11:00 - 12.00 |Live online meditation

Workshop by Aimee Coenen 

How to remain calm while the world around you is changing day by day? Discover the benefits of mindfulness in these chaotic times. Connect to your inner self and feel closer to others, even when you are asked to socially distance yourself.

Aimée will provide you with insights and hands on experiences. You will definitely enjoy the results!

This workshop will be presented through ZOOM. Register here in advance and get all the information of how to join.

Make sure to be in a comfortable location where you don't get disturbed. You are visible to Aimée and other participants. You are free to leave the session whenever you like.

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13:30 - 15:30 | The Happiness Formula: A Self-Discovery Workshop

Workshop by Jaro Pichel 

In this workshop, we will work on your formula to achieve long-lasting happiness. We will look into your past, present, and future. What can you acknowledge and be grateful for concerning past events? How do you experience life in the presence? What is the value of creating and manifesting a hopeful future? The keyword is practice! And this is exactly what we are going to do. You will engage in a number of exercises to discover yourself in a new fashion. Understanding that the self is constantly developing is as important as standing still and looking back at all the great things you have done in the past. 

Dreaming and vision will lead our transformational journey. More specifically, in this workshop you will: 

  • Put attention to positive events of the past
  • Find beauty and gratitude in what’s surrounding you
  • Build connection and clarity through conscious communication
  • Define and visualize your desired future

The workshop will be provided through ZOOM. Download the workbook here! WorkbookHappinessWorkshopVer3.docx

Use this link to join the meeting:

Please join the meeting at 13:20 already so that you have some time to be able to join the meeting. Click on the link or copy the link into your browser. Usually, you do not need an account or the Zoom-app/software to join a meeting. 
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Jaro Pichel is a trainer, coach, educational specialist, and passionate meditator. He coaches and trains students and young professionals on various personal development subjects. For many years, Jaro has explored and refined his personal definition of happiness through retreats, and extensive self- and group-work. Jaro holds a master's degree in learning & development in organization and is a certified consciousness coach.

Find more about Jaro on his webpage or YouTube channel where he regularly writes blogs and publishes new videos.