Cybersecurity - The start of an Introduction

Cybersecurity - The start of an Introduction



Session: Cybersecurity - The start of an introduction

Strap in, take the red and blue pill, and get ready for some practical cybersecurity tips!

As a startup there must be at least a dozen areas which warrant your attention, but don’t forget the old saying: Safety First. During this presentation I would like to make a start introducing you to securing your work. We will cover how you can identify and analyze your startup's information assets and what you can do to secure them. The crazy thing, it’s not so much about technical skills and knowledge as it is about awareness and behavior!  Like a digital sherpa i will also point out the next steps in the cybersecurity journey.



About the presenter: Harm Kuiper, Management Consultant at ABN AMRO CISO eChannel Security.


Date: 24 feb, 16:00 

Duration:  20min presentation + Q&A

Location: YES!Delft Basecamproom 

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