Design + Data + Refinery​​​


JUNE 20+21 2024

The BK Data Refinery Lab Symposium

for Architecture and the Built Environment

We're delighted to announce that the Design, Data, and Society group is hosting a symposium in June to celebrate the inauguration of the new Data Refinery Lab (DR Lab) within the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.

The DR lab represents a pivotal initiative aimed at establishing a globally recognized, responsible, trustworthy, and collaborative data hub for individuals involved in the design, engineering, and operation of our built environment.

This lab serves as a dynamic force, dedicated to curating diverse datasets and transforming them into accessible resources for scholars who are engaged in data-driven storytelling, solutions, and inquiries regarding the future of our habitat.

We extend an invitation to you to actively participate in the discussions that will shape the identity of the lab, as well as the vision for future research and education initiatives spearheaded by the DR lab.

Your involvement is crucial in fostering a thriving community committed to advancing the responsible use of data in the realm of architecture and the built environment.

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The Berlage Room

Faculty of Architecture and

the Built Environment

TU Delft

Julianalaan 134,

2628 BL