25-28 May 2014

Ede, the Netherlands

The 6th conference will be held 25-28 May 2014 in Ede, the Netherlands. The conference is organised by the Delft University of Technology.

DeMEASS stands for Design, Modelling and Experiments of Advanced Structures and Systems. Over the last five editions, DeMEASS has attracted high quality contributions from an increasing number of participants with constantly higher profiles. The fourth edition, which was held in Luxembourg, aimed at broadening the topics considering not only adaptive structures and smart systems (as done in the first three editions) but, in a more general manner, advanced structures and systems. The fifth edition in Linz added an additional focus on advanced control methods for lumped and distributed parameter systems, as well as on the application of advanced materials in mechatronics. This edition will broaden the scope of the conference even further to morphing structures.

The topics of the symposium cover the general field of Smart Structures and Intelligent Systems in its various aspects:

  1. Smart Materials: Piezoelectric, Ferroelectric, Ferroelastic, Magnetostrictive and Electrostrictive materials, Shape Memory alloys and Active Polymers
  2. Multi-Functional Materials and Structures
  3. Design and Modelling of Sensors and Actuators
  4. Coupled Multi-field Problems
  5. Functionally Graded Materials
  6. Adaptive Structures
  7. Structural Health Monitoring
  8. Advanced Control Methods
  9. Mechatronics

The spirit of the symposium is to collect the international expertise and to promote intensive and fruitful discussions among the participants. Therefore participants are strongly encouraged to enjoy the symposium in its whole extension. The symposium is organised in 7 sessions: from Monday to Wednesday, each with 5 presentations. On Sunday evening, a welcome dinner will be organised.

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 participant registration