Welcome on the registration website of the Virtual DIAM Christmas Drink organized by the Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics (DIAM)

You will probably have seen the mysterious entry in your calendar on December 17, saying “Save the date! Virtual DIAM Christmas drink”. We hope to meet you all at this event that will be organized via zoom. Then, after your registration, you will receive the zoom link via email.

Maybe it is a bit of a spoiler, but part of the activity is that you will receive something physically at home when you currently stay in The Netherlands. If you currently stay abroad, you will receive something via e-mail. In order to have all addresses right, during registration you need to fill out the address where you want the little present to be delivered.

For logistic reasons, is important to register soon, on Friday November 20 at the latest.

We are still working on the precise content of the “get-together” and do everything to mimic a physical meeting as we were used to in previous years (and hope to be able to organize again in the near future), like the summer activity and the Christmas dinner. Essential part of success is your presence.

It would be really great to meet you all on December 17, 4PM!

With best regards, on behalf of our management team,

Deborah Dongor, Marco Emons and Geurt Jongbloed (organizers)

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy