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Celebrating Fast Power Flow Solvers on Thursday, November 22nd, 2012 at Art Centre Delft

Future Power Systems

National power grids are currently evolving from static entities, producing mainly a uni-directional flow from generation to loads, to more dynamic and decentralized structures. These emerging power systems should accommodate the local generation by renewable sources and peak demands of electrical vehicle charging. The across- border interconnection of power grids further imposes new challenges in the design, planning and daily operation of these networks. Research at DIAM-TU Delft aims to develop the algorithms to address these challenges.

DIAM-TU Delft Milestone Reached

In recent work, DIAM-TU Delft investigated methods to reduce the computational cost of power flow analysis in large scale power systems. By building upon expertise in iterative solution techniques and by collaborating closely with the TU Delft power system group, DIAM- TU Delft developed an ultra-fast Krylov-Newton solver. Using this solver, a power flow computations in a network consisting of 1 million busses can now be performed in less than 28 seconds on a modest modern workstation.

Future Research at DIAM-TU Delft

In future research, the DIAM-TU Delft group will look into accelerating traditional ways to perform contingency and transient power flow analyses and in modeling hybrid transmission-distribution power grids.

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