The DICUAM conference will take place in Delft,

15-17 March 2021


The interest in Urban Air Mobility is rapidly growing as the problems related to massive urbanisation become more urgent: surface transport congestion leads to unreliable related services. The use of the urban air-space is regarded as an attractive solution for a number of purposes, including emergency transport ambulance, taxi service, patrolling and air delivery among many others.


Enabling technologies like distributed electric propulsion, new batteries and softwares for virtual prototyping, allows to several established aerospace OEMs and startups to develop different concepts of electric Vertical and Take-Off Landing (eVTOL) vehicles for urban operations.


The mission statement of DICUAM21 is to gather experts from several domains to discuss the scientific and technological challenges of eVTOL vehicles, as well as those associated with safety, traffic management, urban operations, regulations, and societal acceptance.