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Digital Perm

Tips to Remember While Choosing the Digital Type of Perm

Every person in this world wants to own beautiful locks. Many of them style their hair according to the latest trends or according to the style that best suits them. Hair perming comprises digital hot perm and cold perm.  

What is Digital Perm? 

Digital perm uses hot rods, and a digital machine is used to control the temperature. Apart from this, the process is similar to that of traditional perming. It uses the perming solution as well as heat. This kind of styling creates different shape and texture of the waves. It makes the wave stand out when it is dry and gives a loose effect when the hair is wet. 


The price range varies from salon to salon and is different for different hair type. It also depends on the length and fullness of the hair. Additionally, this type of perm is usually more expensive than the cold perm. 


The longevity of perming can vary from a few months to a year and the process of reversal is very risky. It also depends on how much the hair is cared for. Permed hair will be highly frizzy because the heat develops frizz in the hair. Permed hair and frizz go hand in hand. In spite of using lots of conditioning creams, the frizz remains. 

Do not believe in Photos

The pictures of perming on the social media sites are often highly edited or photoshopped. The photographs do not provide an idea of how actual perming would look like. It is better to research a lot before going ahead with perming because inadequate research can result in a big hole in your pocket.

Buying Haircare Products 

You might have to spend money on a wide variety of hair care products ranging from keratin treatments to a set of hairpins. You will have to spend on shampoos, spas, conditioners, hair care treatments to maintain your permed hair. 

Refrain From Touching the Hair

Many individuals like to run their fingers through their hair very frequently. Once you have permed your hair, you need to get rid of the habit, because it can cause severe frizz.  You can always twirl your hair while curling it because that helps to enhance the curls. 


The permed hair can be washed to remove the dirt, but conditioning is mandatory as the hair tends to get frizzy. Too much shampooing can affect the longevity of the perm and hence should be done only when it is necessary. Many people opt to use dry shampoo as that does not damage the perm and can be used as an alternative to frequent shampooing. 

Drying Permed Hair

You should not rub your hands on your permed hair as that will increase the frizz. Even while blow drying, you should use a cool gust of air to blow dry as the warm air, creates more frizz. Combing the permed hair creates frizz because it loosens the curls.  

So, now you have a fairly good idea about digital perm and if you feel that it will suit you, you can always book an appointment and be the proud possessor of beautiful curls.

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