Dive into your career

This program will be offered through Zoom. 
Once you are registered you will receive further information by e-mail. Please note that the e-mail address you registered with will be used for further communication!

Please be aware that we will ask for a deposit of € 35 to secure your seat.
The deposit will be paid back to you after you have completed the program.
If your attendance is less than 80% or you will not attend at all, the deposit will NOT be refunded.

Deadline for registration is December 21 
To make sure we can give you the attention and time you deserve, there is a maximum number of participants that can register. So if you want to join, don’t hesitate and register now!

January 4 -8 Every day between 10.00-15.00 Dive into your career More info Register

You can only register for the whole week, not per day or activity.

More information on this website: https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/events/dive-your-career-0