After a successful 5th annual Dutch Mitochondrial Meeting (DMM) in Nijmegen last May, we now have the honour to announce that the 6th annual DMM will be held in Maastricht on

THURSDAY June 20th 2024.


The program will contain lectures on primary mitochondrial diseases and mitochondrial pathology in other diseases (e.g. cancer, metabolic disorders), but also novel tools for in vitro and in vivo assessment of mitochondrial functioning.

Confirmed speakers are: Bert Smeets (MaastrichtUMC), Melissa Hooijmans (Amsterdam UMC), Werner Koopman (RadboudUMC/Uwageningen), Floor Harms (ErasmusMC), Marek Noga (MaastrichtUMC) and Bram Decru (KU Leuven).
This year, we will also have pitch presentations, and a prize of €100 is available for best pitch of (PhD)student / postdoc.


We look forward to seeing you in Maastricht!

Deadline abstract for pitch presentation: 1-6-2024

Deadline registration: 15-6-2024

Organizing committee:
Florence van Tienen, René de Coo, and Patrick Lindsey