Dreamhus Challenge

Dreamhus Challenge

Win the DreamHûs Challenge!

And test your innovative sustainable solution


Are you a start-up with an innovative idea on how to make the DreamHüs sustainable in an user-friendly and affordable way? Sign-up for the DreamHüs challenge! The Green Village and YES!Delft organize the DreamHûs challenge, the winner gets the possibility to test his product in one of the DreamHûs houses on The Green Village. Do you need to test your MVP or product and do you want to get in contact with big companies like Dijkstra Draisma and Woonfriesland? This is your chance!


We are looking forward to receive your application!



Affordable, comfortable, simple and sustainable living, that is the idea behind DreamHûs.

This experiment is a collaboration between WoonFriesland, Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma, YES!Delft, The Green Village and De Bewonersraad Friesland. Three exact copies of typical Dutch houses from the seventies are built at The Green Village and inhabited by tenants. The houses have different energy performances. Researchers, students and entrepeneurs are invited  to come up with user-friendly, and above all affordable, solutions to make these houses sustainable.

The three houses reflect the Dutch housing stock. Solutions in the field of energy, healthy indoor climate, water, heating, insulation, ICT, IoT and Smart homes can be tested in this living lab before they will be applied in the houses of social housing company WoonFriesland and then the rest of The Netherlands.

The parties will combine Frysian common sense and decisiveness with new technological insights. Other interested parties from industry, knowledge institutes, governments and the general public are invited to contribute.


Important dates

Live Event on Februari 20th (11.00 - 13.00) (optional)
Get the possibility to see the location, specifications of the houses and ask questions to the relevant parties. Dijkstra Draisma and The GreenVillage are answering all your questions and giving a tour through the site.

Closing date applications: 28 februari (23:59)

Before March 3th we let all applicants know if they are selected for the pitch training and live event.

Pitchtrainig on March 6th (09.00 - 12.00) (mandatory)

You will get a full morning coaching on your pitch to make it perfect. Experienced pitcher Viki Pavlic will give this training to you with a max of 10 other entrepreneurs.

Final Event on March 12th (15.30 - 18:00) (mandatory)

During the final event you will pitch your idea to a jury. The jury will decide who will win the pilot in one of the DreamHûs houses.


Additional information

Website DreamHûs (Dutch)

Background information of the process of a project @ The Green Village

General rules and conditions


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