The Delft Robotics Symposium

Launching the TU Delft Robotics Institute

Date: Friday January 25th 2013

Location: Delft University of Technology, Faculty 3mE

During this event, researchers, students and spin off companies from the Delft University of Technology will present an overview of the robotics activities, including lots of live demos.

Invited speakers Professor Darwin Caldwell from the Italian Institute of Technology and Professor Maarten Steinbuch from RoboNed will present their scientific view and the latest developments within Robotics.

This symposium of the Delft Robotics Institute offers great opportunities to meet (fellow) researchers, colleagues and companies that connected to our Institute. You are therefore warmly invited to this unique event. An official invitation with the program will follow later on this year.

Further information about the event, the program and the demos, can be found at
Please, use this link to register for the event. The registration is free of charge.
We hope to welcome you all on __Friday, January 25th 2013 in Delft!_

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