Design Review Sessions 7: Design Research for Well-being

Within CRISP – Creative Industry Scientific Programme – researchers, creative industry and businesses closely collaborate to develop a knowledge infrastructure for the creative industry, focusing on the changing role of the designer and the development of Product Service Systems.

CRISP’s Lecture Roulette series (23 October, 13.30-16.30) spirals around the topic of Design Research for Well-being. The Lecture Roulette marks the first open Design Review Sessions of the CRISP programme (Creative Industry Scientific Programme). It comprises of lectures by various members of the CRISP community. They will share their knowledge and experience through the various fields of the design world, relating to well-being. The new CRISP Magazine #4 Design for Well-being with an introductory essay by Pieter Desmet and Anna Pohlmeyer provides the backdrop for the afternoon programme. In four rounds there will be lectures in three different rooms. Invited speakers vary between recent graduates, designers, researchers and practitioners. Confirmed speakers include Paul Mijksenaar, Timo de Rijk and Caroline Hummels.  

For more information on the programme and speakers, keep an eye on the CRISP website where you can register for the afternoon programme of CRISP.


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 participants registration