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Frits Verheij  (Topsector Energy, chairman TKI Switch2SmartGrids)

Frits Verheij has been working in the renewable energy business, and related areas like smart grids and energy storage, since the start of his career in 1987. Currently, Frits is Director Smart Energy for DNV GL - Energy. Additionally, he is actively involved in the energy transition arena and acts as chairman of the Board of Top consortium on Knowledge & Innovation (TKI) Switch2SmartGrids, and board member of the Universal Smart Energy Framework amongst others.


Ger Baron (city of Amsterdam)

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Joop Ketelaers

Joop Ketelaers, sustainability advisor, city of Eindhoven. Changing behaviour by inspiring, connecting and facilitating people. Using sustainability as a set of design principles to innovate, succeed and co-create towards a vibrant future. 


Erwin Boon (MPARE, Alliander)

Erwin Boon is one of the consultants at MPARE. He is on a mission to empower the new world of energy. Mpare believes this new world will only be realized when saving and generating energy creates added value and is fun to do.

Therefore he puts his effort in creating customized service concepts together with organizations based on energy data.


Geert Jan Dirven (Greeniant)

Geert Jan Dirven (51) made a career in Information Technology. First at Randstad where in the early nineties he significantly increased productivity of the matching-process throug Business Process Redesign and IT. Later with General Electric he worked at "Paperless Office" and with DHL and APM Terminals (Maersk Group), he increased productivity significantly by deploying intelligent real time calculating software. These successes brought him to the Energy sector, as 200 million households will be equipped with a 'Smart Meter'. His company "Greeniant" makes clever use of that information to develop valuable innovations.


Irin Bouwman (city of Groningen, DNV GL)

Irin Bouwman is a smart energy consultant at DNV GL Energy. In his professional career he has worked on many smart energy related projects, ranging from technical design to smart energy implementation advice for local governments. He has led the implementation phase of PowerMatching City II, a renowned smart grid project that demonstrates the possibilities of a smart energy system in a real-life environment, and now leads the follow-up project PowerMatching City to the People.


Marcel van Heist (Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken)

Marcel van Heist, co-founder and designer at Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken. Nominated for the “Rotterdam Design Prijs 2013” with the design method “Hidden Design”: figuring out how to really make innovations happen by developing prototypes that make new systems emerge around the people they are designed for. Works on design projects related to social issues, often in the context, as social and technical innovations cannot simply be designed in a lab. Through iterative prototyping services and systems smart grids are designed in rural India today. Eventually people shape the real system. This does not only count for India, but for energy transition everywhere.


Kai Köllen (Ideate)

Kai Köllen, partner at Ideate. Kai has a background in political science. Has been running a software company for many years, got involved in (online) marketing and started the service design agency Ideate with three companions. He talks about the urgency of reducing energy consumption. Still many Dutch houses are badly insulated, despite many campaigns and propositions. Though it seems difficult to persuade house owners to take action and change their behaviour, the insight to use power of local communities seems to work! Ideate designed a service that will lead to a breakthrough in energy saving, already involving more than 50 communities.


Marieke Zielhuis (UCreate, Hogeschool Utrecht)

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