UPPS fill the gap between mass production and handmade products. With 3D scanners, internet and advanced manufacturing tailormade products are produced efficiently. Additionally many new business opportunities arise.In fashion, sizing and waste issues can be adressed, but also customizable designs and even reshoring of hightech fashion production. In health, the patient specific clothes, protheses and even body parts can be designed and manufactured faster and cheaper. Fieldlab UPPS supports the fashion and health industries and designers experimenting with the development of innovative products and services that offer a high level of customer intimacy. This track will show intriguing cases of solutions in- and outside the human body.



 10:00 - 11:00

What's UPPS?
A short insight into fieldlab UPPS Fashion activities and UPPS-related developments in fasion.

Moderator: Lucie Huiskens

Fitting fashion over the internet
Trying on clothes online can prevent many returns, but also opens up opportunities for different ways of designing and manufacturing of clothing. Led by the HvA, a large consortium of companies and research institutes will research this in an SIA RAAK project. In his presentation Hein will address the research questions relevant for design.

speaker: Hein Daanen 

Knit-o-mat: a future for hightech knitwear in Holland
What if you have can a beautiful sweater by a topdesigner, configured to your taste and fitted to your body, delivered 1 a day for a reasonable prize? Knit-o-Mat is the 3d hubs of knitting: by building a hightech infrastructure for research, innovation design and production of knitwear, we are reshoring knitwear industry to Holland. 

speakerTirza Brems & Rosanne van der Meer

Virtual Sizing
New technologies (e.g. the 3D body scan) can be used to make much better-fitting and more fashionable clothing for wheelchair users. What can these technologies deliver? How could this target group be fully integrated into the fashion system? In this project technology and design will be further developed, alongside specific forms of branding and marketing.

speaker: Simeon Morris


 11:30 - 12:30

What's UPPS?
A short insight into fieldlab UPPS health activities and UPPS-related developments in healthcare.

Moderator: Cees Hogendoorn

Innovative orthopedic footwear by smart industry
PLT products supports orthopedists and podiatrists by making bespoke footwear. By bodyscanning, smart design and flexible manufacturing, PLT's productcreation chain is fully digitized. Rick Broshuis shares his learnings from this 10-year development track.

speaker: Rick Broshuis

Applied design research for healthcare 
New technologies create new possibilities in healthcare, and open maker spaces like Fablabs facilitate new collaborations. Saxion FabLab Enschede – member of the UPPS Fieldlab – co-creates personal products and services with healthcare organisations and private companies, together with The Saxion Research Group of Industrial Design. Several projects will be shared.

speakerRuben Timmers

Next UPPS: researching design questions in mass customization
Emerging digital technologies like 3D scanners, cloud services, and advanced manufacturing enable true ‘mass personalisation’, which has already yielded some early applications. At present, there is a lack of a design methods and tools for personalised production. What is the new role of the designer en which skills does he need?

speakerJouke Verlinden



After a career as a buyer and innovation manager at HEMA Tirza Brems is now working as a innovation consultant especially in textiles and cross-overs. 



is co-owner of the 3D Printing Department and product developer at PLT Products. Starting from a commercial and sports background, PLT developed from a coventional productioncompany to a technology driven >Total Footcare company, continously seeking ways to innovate their customers business.



studied human movement sciences at Amsterdam and Leiden. He worked at TNO and the Amsterdam Fashion Institute of the HvA. His specialties are 3D anthropometry (sizing applications in clothing) and thermo physiology (heat management in protective clothing).


Is projectmanager for the smart industry field lab UPPS, promoting the development of UPPS and connecting business and design research.

is program coordinator of CLICKNL | Next Fashion, the fashion and textile innovation network, part of the top sector Creative Industries. In addition, she is program manager of the ArtEZ Centre of Expertise Future Makers, which aims to develop new, sustainable materials and manufacturing processes and apply these in Fashion and Design.
is a knitwear designer and working for Granny Finest (hand knits). Rosanne has developed a made-to-measure concept. Together they started Knit-o-Mat.


is master of fashion design and pattern maker. Simon has worked for fashion houses like Alexander McQueen and Sonia Rykiel, and is currently fashion lecturer at Norwich University of the Arts and technical researcher at Virtual sizing.


is Project Manager of Saxion FabLab Enschede and lecturer in Intercultural Awareness. As an Industrial Design Engineer, specialised in Innovation Management and Partnership Innovation, he is passionately facilitating co-creation by connecting people, ideas and technologies.


focuses on Human-centred Digital Fabrication. At TU Delft, he explores the opportunities between Human (designer, user, operator) – Manufacturing (robotics, digital fabrication, IoT) – and Product (personalisation, microstructure / programmable behaviour, cultural heritage). Includes a 3d printed metal bike and a time trial suit for cyclist Tom Dumoulin.


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