The retail sector is currently facing major challenges. Changing consumer behaviour and the fusion of online and offline are giving a new meaning to the concept of ‘shopping’. The impact of this transition can be observed in the growing number of vacancies in many shopping streets and districts and the associated reduction in quality of public space. 


 13:30 - 14:30

Intro CLICKNL | Smart Retail
An introduction of the Smart Retail program.

moderator: Jann de Waal

Retail innovation in Rotterdam
is a two-year research and development project aimed at small and medium sized retailers in the Rotterdam city center who face a number of important challenges, in developing innovations to sustain their businesses. Students, researchers and retailers co-create new formats, concepts and communications strategies for individual retailers and clusters of businesses, whereas the role and meaning of the Rotterdam inner-city, as the context in which innovation unfolds is examined. The project follows a research by design approach. Retailers, design companies, the inner-city retail branch organization, the city government and a real estate company are partners in the project.

speaker: Paul Rutten

From Weak Signal to Speculation
In search for trends and innovative approaches in retail 25 art student collected and plotted over 700 weak signals for change. The students, who scored highly ‘expressive and innovating’ in the BSR index (SAMR) used the signals to derive trends and paradigmshifts on shopping and retail. The project resulted in a short list of trends to follow and led to plausible and consistent speculations on new approaches in retail.

speaker: Justien Marseille


 15:00 - 16:00

Retail research in Amsterdam 
In a digital age, how can retailers still lure  customers to their stores? How can they persuade them to buy and to keep coming back? And what role plays technology in the answer of those questions? Researchers Tibert and Anne from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences will give a short overview of technological innovations that already exist and seem promising for the retail-sector. But of course, such as researchers befit, they will place some critical notes with those innovations as well.

speaker: Dr. Tibert Verhagen & Anne Moes
moderator: Jann de Waal

The Haguea Learning Lab 
The Future of Retail is a cross-disciplinary platform that unites students, researchers and partners to co-create inspiring, future proof, innovative concepts for retail. In the Innovation Playground of THUAS such concepts are created, realized and tested in a realistic setting with real users.

speaker: Dr. Ir. Rianne Valkenburg



researches possible futures. She aims to understand, explore and explain ‘Why some things (or people) are valued different at some places (or some times) than other things (or people).

is one of the researchers of the Crossmedia research-group at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The central topic within her studies is store innovation, and then in particular the effects of those innovations on customer behavior and - experience.


is program director of the Creating 010 Research Centre of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS). He is reader in Creative Business at the same institute, responsible for research in into the Creative Economy.


is Lector Designerly Innovation at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. The research team aims to spur innovation by developing insights and tools that integrate research, development and testing.


is Associate Professor E-Business at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He does research upon store innovations and digital marketing strategies.


is boardmember of CLICKNL and Topteam Creative Industries


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