10:00 - 11:00

Beyond Design Thinking: KLM and TU Delft join forces to realize passenger dreams live in an operational environment.

To succeed in an ever-changing environment, large organisations like KLM can no longer only rely on a top-down approach to problem-solving. Instead, the airline is developing a system that applies design thinking and co-creation in a live operating environment: the X-way of working.

Through the strategic partnership ‘Design Doing’ with Delft University of Technology, KLM has created several spaces that bring customers, employees, faculty members and students together so that they can rapidly design practical solutions and scale them up for immediate implementation.

This session gives the floor to those people that drive ‘Design Doing’. It shows how KLM aims to further their design doing capabilities through research, and how they foster a company-wide culture of action 

Moderator: Jeroen van Erp

Design Doing at KLM, the bigger picture

Speakers: Sander Stomph & Christine De Lille

Prototyping Organizations

Speakers: Sander Stomph & Max Davidse

Employee Happiness

Maïte Oonk

Designing a design-driven way of working

Barend Klitsie


 11:30 - 12:30

How can designers contribute to the Dutch carpet industry's innovation agenda? In 2012, Modint, the Dutch trade association, drew up a roadmap identifying (potential) opportunities and threats for the carpet industry in the period leading up to 2030. Five designers were asked to conduct research through design (RTD) to come up with new scenarios that would contribute to innovations in the carpet industry. Their research aims to achieve innovations in the carpet industry by using biobased materials as well as looking for new functionalities by using carpeting in entirely new and innovative ways. 

Organiser: Future Makers
Coordinator: Jeroen van den Eijnde


Speaker:  Jeroen van de Eijnde

'Algae for Carpet Production'

Presentation of one of the project’s results

Speaker: Tjeerd Veenhoven

A local production chain for carpet tiles

Presentation of one of the project’s results

Speaker:  Eric Klarenbeek

Round table discussion

with Peter Koppert (Innovation Manager Modint, involved in the project), Eric Klarenbeek, Tjeerd Veenhoven and Jeroen van den Eijnde. 




is a graduate student at the TU Delft on the topic of organisational prototyping. After two years of specialising in design for aviation, Max is now applying the principles of design thinking to corporate structures. This way, he hopes to blend design and business theory with practice to reimagine the way a company works.
C:\Users\j.vandeneijnde\Documents\Privé\jeroen-van-den-eijnde-150x150.jpg   JEROEN VAN DE EIJNDE
Professor Product Design & Interior Architecture at ArtEZ University of the Arts. Trained as product designer and design historian. Hold a PhD in design education. He runs the ArtEZ Centre of Expertise Future Maker together with the ArtEZ professor for fashion. Teacher ArtEZ Product Design. Member of the advisory committee on Visual Arts, Design and Architecture of the national Council for Culture.

Jeroen is partner and innovation strategist at Fabrique, the multi-disciplinary design agency he co-founded. He is also the chair of the Dutch Creative Council. In November 2015 he was appointed as a professor of Concept Design at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology.   ERIC KLARENBEEK
Designer, trained at Design Academy Eindhoven. Runs his own design studio in Zaandam. Is a designer recognized for unusual projects for undiscovered applications and markets. As a designer he seeks new meanings and principles in technology, objects and spaces, thereby making use of unexpected connections between materials and product possibilities, producers and users.
Barend Klitsie is a Strategic Product Design graduate at the TU Delft.  At this same institute, he is now a PhD candidate. He will be studying how corporate structures can support the use of design in innovation. As part of his research, he is embedded in KLM.
E:\ArtEZ\Peter.jpg   PETER KOPPERT
Engineer, trained at Technical University Delft. Innovation and sustainability manager Modint (Dutch trade association for fashion, interior design & textiles). Involved in Modint’s Roadmap 2030 for innovation in the textile and carpet industry.


Trained as industrial designer (TU Delft IDE), holds a PhD. Board member of DMN (Design Management Network NL), reviewer and organizer of design conferences, researcher (CRISP: Creative Industry Scientific Program), focus on design in innovation networks, project leader of the research program of TU Delft IDE and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.



started her professional career at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as a corporate management trainee in 2008. After finishing the traineeship, she joined the Digital team focusing on product development and innovation, becoming Director of Digitizing KLM Passenger Operations. After falling in love with Design in her work, she started a PhD track in 2017, investigating the impact of design on organizational culture and more specifically, on employee happiness.


In 2007, Sander served as Head of Online Marketing at technology start-up Nimbuzz and then joined KLM as a Corporate Management Trainee. There, Sander led the restructuring of the airline’s maintenance activities and went on to become Director of Operational Excellence. In 2017, he started the department at KLM Operations responsible for Design Doing and Data Science.

E:\ArtEZ\Tjeerd (2).jpg   TJEERD VEENHOVEN
Designer, trained at ArtEZ Product Design. Runs his own design studio in Groningen. Experiments with sustainable value chains from raw materials all the way up to product and the consumer experience. Materials should preferably be biologically degradable or easy to recycle. Winner Global Change Award 2016 of H&M for his research on algae for textile application.




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