2018 - 2021 

A major part of the DRIVE programme of DRIVE is based on the three new Knowledge & Innovation Agenda themes: Design for Change, The Human Touch and Value Creation. These form the backbone of the direction of the knowledge base needed by creative professionals, according to the Creative Industry top sector.

The top sector acknowledges the current strengths of the Dutch Creative Industry and stimulates the further development of both the industry and creative professionals – for themselves as well as for society. As a cross-sectional top sector,  a strong creative industry offers our country the opportunity to reach innovative breakthroughs in all kinds of areas. In order to achieve this contribution to our economy and society – now and in the years to come – the sector needs a strong knowledge base: the new Knowledge & Innovation Agenda for the years 2018-2021 aims to bolster that knowledge base.

So what is this Agenda? What does it say and what opportunities does it give? Bart Ahsmann, Managing Director of CLICKNL, and Paul Hekkert, Professor at TU Delft and member of the Creative Industry top-team, will discuss the what and how. What should research and development in the creative industry focus on in order to grow and contribute even more? What are the Agenda’s three main themes, and how do they connect to the daily lives of creative professionals and our society?

Join us to learn about the Agenda and the new opportunities it offers!


16:10 - 16:40

The Knowledge and Innovation Agenda

Moderator: Anne Mieke Eggenkamp
Speakers: Bart Ahsmann,  Paul Hekkert

Opportunities for the creative professional

Speaker: Ivo Roefs



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