It is our pleasure to invite you to a special DUJAT company visit, which will take place on Friday September 22nd. This time we are visiting Brabant, where we have made arrangements to visit several company in collaboration with Brabant Development Agency (BOM), Borchwerf II CV and High Tech Campus Eindhoven. 


Date:            Friday September 22nd, 11:30-19:00 (incl. lunch and reception)

Venue:         CEVA Logistics (Borchwerf II CV, Den Brak 2, 4751 XK Oud Gastel),
                     High Tech Campus Eindhoven (Shimano, HTCE 92, 5656 AG Eindhoven)

Admission:  Free of Charge


11:15         Gathering at parking Koning Willem II football stadium
                  (Goirleseweg 34, 1183 AT) across our BOM office

11:30         Departure to Roosendaal by bus

13:00         Arrival at Borchwerf II in Roosendaal

13:15         Welcome by Mr. Geert-Jan Mantel (Chairman of DUJAT), followed by
                  presentation Borchwerf II. Brief description of the logistics hotspot West
                  Brabant, presentation Business Center Borchwerf II: Reasons why
                  many foreign companies settle on Borchwerf II, quality characteristics
                  of Borchwerf II, inside information about the status of sales of land

13:30         Presentation CEVA Logistics: logistics for Uniqlo, MUJI and Roland DG
                  (including drone film of the logistics processes on Borchwerf II,
                  specially made for this DUJAT work visit)

13:50         Tour distribution center with logistics activities Uniqlo

14:30        Departure for next program: High Tech Campus / Shimano European
                 HQ / Lighting Application Center Philips

16:00        Arrival and presentations High Tech Campus / Shimano European HQ /
                 Lighting Application Center Philips