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Date: October 17, 2014
Location: Art Centre Delft, Rotterdamseweg 205, 2629 HD Delft

The Dutch Workshop on Mathematical
Modeling Wound Prevention and Treatment

Computer hardware and software are developing rapidly and now allow running realistic simulations of complex processes like the multi-factorial causes of chronic wounds or the healing response in scenarios that are specific to certain patient populations or even individuals. This uniqueworkshop will provide the opportunity for scientists in academia and for industry representatives in positions relevant to strategy, R&D and market research to discuss together the current available technologies and capacities of modeling and computer simulations as well as the most relevant gaps in knowledge and unsolved problems related to wounds and wound healing that can be addressed using modeling and simulations.
While in the orthopaedic and cardiovascular arenas, modeling and computer simulations were fundamental in the design of bioengineering technologies like joint replacements pacemakers and stents, thereby improving patient care and contributing to healthcare economy in various ways, the wound care industry did not yet experience that leap. The panel of scientists who will be gathering in Delft are expecting similar breakthroughs in translational research of wounds and wound healing in the near future, and in that context, bridging between the scientific capacities and market needs, and between technological development and commercialization opportunities in the Delft meeting, will be pivotal.
We invite you to take part in this exciting interaction.

The participant will have the opportunity to discuss with several leading scientists from the field. Further, coffee, tea, water, cookies and lunch will be provided.

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