On 21-22 Juni 2024 Gewina, the Belgian-Dutch Society for the History of Science and Universities, will hold its double-jubilee biannual meeting in the Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre (Zeist). Gewina itself celebrates its 111th year, and its meeting in Woudschoten will be the 10th. The conference brings together historians of science, humanities, medicine, universities and technology; and all those from other fields with an interest in the history of knowledge. The theme of this year’s jubilee edition is Ecology & Economy: History of Knowledge during the Unequal Anthropocene.

In times of unprecedented changes on an unprecedented scale in the history of humanity, economic and ecological concerns attract a lot of interest. ‘Human’ alterations of planet Earth have inspired the introduction of the concept ‘Anthropocene’ for the current geological period. The concept of ‘Anthropocene’ questions the modern distinction between the history of nature and the history of human affairs. (Early) modern knowledge and expertise have contributed significantly to the creation of this distinction. The fields of history of science, medicine and technology have been crossing this boundary for quite some time to understand how knowledge and expertise shaped societies and vice versa. 

The concept of the ‘Anthropocene’ is contested too for its focus on a general ‘human’. Historically and today, ecological and economic responsibilities and vulnerabilities are distributed unequally amongst humanity. This is why the notion of the unequal Anthropocene’ puts inequality centre stage as a key conference theme besides ecology and economy.

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