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Entrepreneurship Forum 2012


"Get navigated through the world of entrepreneurship!"

On April 26th 17.00h, YES!Delft Students will organize the largest nation-wide event about entrepreneurship, in the auditorium of the Delft University of Technology.

Come and visit the Entrepreneurship Forum 2012 and get inspired by:

Pieter Geelen, founder TomTom

Started the company Palmtop right after finishing his study in 1991. In 2001 a radical shift was made to navigation systems and the name was changed to TomTom. Quickly sales skyrocketed and in 2005 TomTom decided to go public at the AEX. Pieter has an unique story because he started it and still is one of the driving forces today.

Claire Boonstra, founder Layar

Started her career in the corporate world (KPN, Unilever and Talpa) after finishing her study at the Delft University of Technology in Civil Engineering, but she turned out the be a real entrepreneur. Nowadays she is the co-founder of Layar and setting foot in the completely new market of augmented reality.

Tobias Edström from Spotify

Played tennis on professional level against Roger Federer. He was responsible for the startup of Spotify’s commercial activities in Norway & the Netherlands. Tobias will tell you about the typical characteristics of professional athletes and entrepreneurs.

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