EarTex - United Kingdom
EarTex develops intelligent ear defenders for heavy industry. Our technology improves workplace efficiency, communication and health & safety. 

HALO- Netherlands
HALO is an ICT-based mental health tool-kit for the identification and alleviation of symptoms related to concentration difficulties through comprehensive self-assessment tools matched with personalized all-natural treatment plans. 

ProVerum- Ireland
ProVerum is a minimally invasive medical device technology to treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). It is has shorter procedural times and less side effects.

SILLAPlus – Spain
SILLAPlus has focused on active aging and healthy living, creating physical Add-On devices that facilitate the standing up process from the chair in order to increase mobility and independence in daily life activities. 

Somnox- Netherlands
The first non-medicinal solution to sleep deprivation realized as a soft robot, which is intended to achieve the best night of sleep in a personal way. 

Tubulis Technologies- Germany
Enabling next-generation cancer treatment for better life. For this purpose, we provide the molecular glue to connect cancer-sensing antibodies with chemotherapeutic drugs (Antibody Drug Conjugates). 

Vitabroad | Health Tourism in Greece- Greece
As a medical tourism facilitator, our goal is to build a platform that will provide access for European patients to find health solutions in Greece.

Xabian- United Kingdom
Xabian is a cloud based service that uses artificial intelligence to work out the most comfortable fitting prosthetic socket for each and every lower limb amputee. 

YouSurge – Netherlands
We make interactive 360 degree video in operation rooms during surgical procedures to make surgical training faster, cheaper and better.

ZENO- United Kingdom
Zeno develops software to extract and interpret the vast amount of data locked in medical images. Using image recognition and artificial intelligence, we deliver advanced analytics and assisted decisioning to medical professionals to fight misdiagnosis. 



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