Reducing 10% of the operation time in microsurgery as well as reducing errors thus increase into patient safety and recovery time reduction. 

Prevention is better than cure! Gaia deep breath helps to improve the air quality in any type of building. This innovative technology is decreasing the chance of spreading sicknesses and improving the productivity as well as the health of employees (higher O2 levels). Our photo bioreactor is fueled by sunlight and the air you breath out. Its combination with nanotechnology allows for the highest efficiency in cleaning indoor air and allows for a deep breath wherever you are!

Gyrafit is a dynamic, customisable orthotic which adjusts the way the foot interacts with the ground using a patented heel system and a unique flexible arch support shell, offering dynamic support through each phase of the stepping cycle. The feet are the foundation of the whole body; correct foot alignment improves posture and alleviates many unexplainable ailments such as knee, hip and back pain. Patients can now receive a low cost customised orthotic on the day of diagnosis that can be adjusted and reused throughout the rehabilitation of the foot.

Oculo is a wearable camera device that will enable visually impaired people to access visual information around them, independently. 

Munevo's vision is to help people with disabilities by using new and innovative technologies. Munevo DRIVE is the first wheelchair control based on smart glasses that allows user a hands-free driving experience.

Add Optics 
Most medical devices have optics. Freeform optics have fewer optical elements leading to size reduction, less loss of light, lower weight, and higher imaging quality. However, freeform optics are difficult, time consuming, and expensive to manufacture. Addoptics introduces a prototyping TRL 5 method, and develops a manufacturing method TRL9. Our Additive Manufacturing Technology improves freedom in design, development, and production of freeform optics with shorter lead-times, and at attractive pricing. Lowering entry barriers to use freeform optic in medical devices. It reduces risk and improves product development cycles so users can fully embrace the potential of freeform optics.

Smart Medical Optics
A low-cost, automated, smart Malaria diagnostic device using numerical algorithms integrated into smart imaging platform, which reduces diagnostic workload and provides efficient precision for accurate drug prescription.

Recognize is a non-invasive application for augmented reality glasses that adds a layer over the surroundings of dementing to complement impaired cognitive functions, without manual interaction needed, being first to not require premorbid familiarity. Personalised modules support different executive functions, commonly compromised. Dementia is the second most expensive disease in The Netherlands thanks to costly elderly home care, burns about €55.000 annually per patient. Given the prospected doubling in cases of dementia in the next 20 years this application anticipates to this need by preventing elderly from living in elderly home care centers, thereby restoring resilience and autonomy.

Viewpoint Medical
Viewpoint proposes a device that medical staff can carry in their pocket and use to see difficult veins that are otherwise not visible to the naked eye. The portable device attaches to a light-weight flexible stand, for hands-free use. It is positioned above the venipuncture site and the veins underneath are projected onto the surface of the skin. Visualisation of the veins increases needle stick accuracy and thus reduces the time & pain associated with venipuncture procedures.

Tympany Medical
360 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss. Interventions to address hearing loss, improve quality of life and are cost-effective. Tympany is a platform for performing minimally invasive ear surgeries, reducing unnecessary mastoidectomys and improving outcomes. Tympany aims be an international gold-standard device for ear surgery.

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