Vaginal dryness is a chronic and progressive condition. Currently the only available solutions are pharmaceutical or hormone therapy that have various side effects.  Aveta Medical; offers a better alternative - a medtech device that is minimally invasive, safe, non-hormonal & suitable for all women.

Egida is an eHealth app that automatically notifies your emergency contacts within 15 minutes after hospitalisation. It also sends a secured link to your health records directly to the hospital personnel. This ensures you are protected against potentially harmful medical errors and guarantees you are quickly reunited with your loved ones.

Exoligamentz is a finger-protective sports glove which includes distinctive joint protection techniques resulting in a new concept of a functional orthosis. Its unique design strives to restrict abnormal motion while maintaining functional movement of the athlete’s hand. It will function as a possible alternative for the common taping approach which has various limitations.

Sitting is the new smoking. The Anti-sedentary Behaviour Coach (ABC) helps clients to become and stay more active. Clients use a smartwatch, app and connected platform to manage their daily activity. They are supported by a buddy (family or friend) and remotely by our certified health professionals. ABC is prescribed by doctors.

TEX life&healthcare - "TEX - myHYDRO"
Dehydration is dangerous. In the long run it can lead to internal organs’ damage and even to death. In healthy organisms it is manifested by thirst, but often this symptom is distorted or difficult to monitor (sportsmen, children, elderly). MyHydro band provides you with non-invasive, reliable and continuous hydration measurement.

ROOMFORTHOUGHTS - Labyrinth Psychotica
Labyrinth Psychotica makes life easier for anyone dealing with psychosis. Our digital tools of empathy build bridges of trust; contributing to open dialogue, early recognition, and prevention. We inspire alternative human interaction strategies that diminish emotional suffering and enhance time efficiency. We empower loved ones and professionals in de-escalating stressful situations.

SI-Flow is the new generation of suction and irrigation devices to clean the surgical area of interest.

It is a low cost, disposable and multifunctional device, easy to use in order to simplify surgical procedures.

We offer a standardized data collection of skin parameters and personal insights, which allows us to offer our patients a personalized skin care routine based on our developed dermatological products.

The immobilization of limbs is usually ensured by plasters of Paris or synthetic casting, but many problems persist; itchiness, non-waterproof, heaviness, etc. Spentys develops 3D printed casts that solve these.To make this casting innovation accessible to hospitals, Spentys is developing a completely automated 3-step-solution (scan-model-print).



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