New website!

20 December 2016

A new year, a new look: is getting a new homepage!

Our previous homepage dates from 2012, so it was about time for a fresh new look! The new site will go live on January 3. But what does that mean for you, our users? Don't worry; the organiser environment won't change. Neither will the websites you've built for your participants! It's just the front page for our own website that's going to look different.

One thing that is changing, is our selection of packages. We used to offer five different packages: Starter, Communicate, Style, Professional and Academic. We're bringing that down to three. Professional and Academic are staying, and Style has been renamed to Standard. The Starter and Communicate packages have been removed. If you're currently using one of those packages for your event, you can of course keep using it. For your next event, you'll have to choose another package.

The Standard package is a little more expensive than Starter and Communicate, but it offers a lot more features. For example, you can send out surveys and invite co-organisers to work on your event together.

We hope you'll  like the new look as much as we do! So don't forget to checkout on January 3.