Meet our colleague Robbert

04 October 2016

My first experience with a computer was around the time I was 10. I'd seen video games before, but on my uncle's birthday I had the chance to play myself. I loved the experience of controlling a character in a virtual world with a mouse and keyboard. I didn't have the knowledge or resources to develop my skills back then, it would take at least another 5 years before internet access at home became commonplace. In the meantime I was already tinkering with the computer we had at home, trying everything to make it go faster.

Men's volleyball 1
I've played volleyball at Kalinko since I was eight. After a few years in their top team, we started a team of friends, and this year will be our 12th season together. Some of the players I've known from the first day I started playing volleyball. We're a proper friends team. We've grown up together through good times and bad. We've had a lot of fun and there's more to come. Since our 10th anniversary we set aside some money every month to spend on trips. Last year we went to Spain, and this year we spent a few days in Prague. That was fantastic!

Meet our colleague Robbert

My interest in computers led me to enroll in MBO Technische Informatica (vocational education, technical computer science). However, I soon realized this was not enough of a challenge. The Internet was a big new thing, and that's where my interests led. I quit my education and started working fulltime in retail sales. After a year of selling TVs, computers and white goods I started HAVO (higher education) for adults to continue to the HBO (higher vocational education). 

The Internet was commonplace by then, the first cable companies providing unlimited broadband access. After a poor experience with programming in my MBO education I entered in to HBO Communication and Multimedia Design. It's a computer science study that's focussed on delivering multimedial information. I learned a lot about user experience and color theory, which is still relevant to my tasks at

I slowly got back into programming. CMD taught me how to develop concepts, but fell short in teaching me how to realize them. So, I've partly taught myself, for example by building the website for my volleyball team and taking extra classes offered by my school. I've broadened my knowledge of programming in projects undertaking during my study. For my final project I not only designed the concept, but also delivered a working web application.
After my study I got a job at the company where I'd done my final project. This involved working on several web application projects. After a year or two I was looking for a way to work on a single product, preferable in a flexible programming language. Since there were no such positions at the company, a recruiter lead me to After the initial meeting I was convinced that offered me the two things I was looking for: a focus on continuously developing and improving a product, in a flexible programming language!

Good, better, best
I spend each day making better. For every button that doesn't work, or email that isn't sent, we get a notification. My main priority is preventing such issues and fixing them if they occur. I also work on improving our layouts and making it easy to set up your event. In addition to such customer facing issues, I'm also working on internal projects. For example, I'm working on automated testing for our software. Every time we make a change, we want to run a battery of tests before making it public. Making sure things like registering for an event, handling payments, etcetera still work. I hope that in the future, we'll be able to offer aan app, and there's still improvements to be made to the layout and design of our participant pages. There's plenty of challenges left!