Let's text!

16 November 2016

Almost everything is digital these days, and that's how we like it at But how do you reach your participants in this digital age? Of course you can send reminders by email, but why not send a text message? A text message pops up right away and often gets more attention than an email. Especially when reaching out to a younger crowd, text messages are an ideal medium!

Want to know how to send a text message reminder? Like this!

But that's not the only use for a text message. What if an important guest will be attending, someone you would like to welcome personally? As the organiser, you may not have time to be waiting at the entrance all the time. That's why can send you a text message when that person checks in. Would you like to receive a convenient heads-up text message for your VIPs? Then contact our customer support at +31 (15) 2400119 or