Forms & Registration

The basis of your event registration. Smart forms with outstanding user experience

Multiple choice and open questions

Add questions to the registration form by simply dragging and dropping. Choose from question types like: open, multiple choice, select and checkbox.

Question dependencies

Display questions in the registration form based on the answers given by the participant. That way, only questions relevant to that participant show.

Set limits per item

Set a maximum capacity for the registration of specific parts of the program. No overcrowded workshops or sub-sessions and certainly no manual grouping of participants.

Automatically close registration

No need to fear for an overbooked event. The registration automatically closes when all tickets are sold.

Open and close registration by date

Easily set the opening and closing date of the event registration.

Address formally or informally

Personalize messages by addressing invitees in a fashion suitable to them. Formally, informally, gender-neutral, it's all possible.

Target groups and participant groups

When an event features different participant groups, those can be addressed individually. From the save the date to the questionnaire afterwards.

Public or private

An event can be publicly accessible or only by invitation. Easily set the event to public or private.

Offer incentives

Make use of a tracking code when specific parts of the program are accessible only to certain participants. They can be offered a lunch, access to a closed session, receive a discount or charged a premium.

Real time data

Access to an always up-to-date overview of registered participants and the answers they gave during their registration. Push the event marketing leading up to the event.

Automatic confirmation message

Right after completing the form, a participant receives a confirmation message detailing their registration. The look and content is completely customizable.

Alter registration details

Set whether participants can alter their registration details after the fact.