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No English language job offers

31 July 2018

We currently have no job offers for English speakers.

Spreek je Nederlands, kijk dan hier voor de actuele vacatures.

New fonts available!

15 February 2017

From now on you can customize your event even more! Because there are 851 new fonds available. That is 836 more then we used to have. The options are endless! Do you want to know what fonts are available? You can find them in the Styling of your event. 

New website!

20 December 2016

A new year, a new look: is getting a new homepage! Our previous homepage dates from 2012, so it was about time for a fresh new look! The new site will go live on January 3. But what does that mean for you, our users? Don't worry; the organiser environment won't change. Neither will the websites you've built for your participants! It's just the front page for our own website that's going to look different. One thing that is changing, is our selection of packages. We used to offer five different packages: Starter, Communicate, Style, Professional and Academic.

Let's text!

16 November 2016

Almost everything is digital these days, and that's how we like it at But how do you reach your participants in this digital age? Of course you can send reminders by email, but why not send a text message? A text message pops up right away and often gets more attention than an email. Especially when reaching out to a younger crowd, text messages are an ideal medium! Want to know how to send a text message reminder? Like this! But that's not the only use for a text message. What if an important guest will be attending, someone you would like to welcome personally? As the organiser, you may not have time to be waiting at the entrance all the time.

Meet our colleague Robbert

04 October 2016

My first experience with a computer was around the time I was 10. I'd seen video games before, but on my uncle's birthday I had the chance to play myself. I loved the experience of controlling a character in a virtual world with a mouse and keyboard. I didn't have the knowledge or resources to develop my skills back then, it would take at least another 5 years before internet access at home became commonplace. In the meantime I was already tinkering with the computer we had at home, trying everything to make it go faster.

Google+ social network added to

03 August 2011

google+ googleplus registration

During their registration, participants on can increase the attention for your event actively through social media. This social media marketing feature included already the Twitter and Facebook networks. Today also Google+ was added. Participants can create extra buzz to your event with a single click on their confirmation email.

Get more participants after registrants invite their colleagues

20 July 2011

Use of results in more participants for your events, because each registrant can invite his colleagues with a single click. This way your registration form works as a viral communication channel. People that register know best which of their contacts share their interest in your conference or workshop. Add the invite-your-colleagues question to your form and fill your event venue in no-time.
Read more... registration combines perfectly with your Wordpress or Joomla CMS web site

14 June 2011

The registration forms in have been engineered in such a way that you can integrate them in your Wordpress or Joomla website quickly and easily. This integration move the registration of all your participant register to your own web site, while you are still supported by all the features of The form can be added to each of the pages in your CMS web site. An integrated form gives you control over the exact styling and branding of your website and makes it easy to direct your participants to other information on your site.

Viral event marketing when participants use Twitter and Facebook

03 April 2011

You can create buzz and attention for your event or seminar by yourself, but you can also have your participants do their share. In your participants can Twitter or Facebook "like" your event directly after their registration. By doing so they notify their friends and colleagues of your event and give them a direct link to your registration form on Making your event successful was never this easy. Social media give your event the attention that it deserves.

Check-in participants at your conference with QR-code

01 December 2010

To check the registration and payments quickly at the reception of your event, has the option to place a QR bar code in each confirmation message. Your participants will take these bar codes to your conference or workshops where you can scan them easily with a camera. With a registration validation like this, you can check if the registration is correct in seconds and print a badge if needed.