Organizing online events

Present your business

Promote your business, products and services using the company area, knowledge sessions and live Q&A's.

Connect with customers

Expand your network and create new contacts with the network carrousel, contact options and insight in your attendees.

Inspire attendees

Inspire with knowledge and experience in interactive sessions, panel discussions and polls to inspire attendees.

Unique experience and rich interaction

  • Livestream in the lobby
  • Several presentation options
  • Company area with contact options
  • One-on-one sessions for attendees
  • Network carrousel with time slots
  • Style in your own corporate brand
  • Technical support
  • Separate environment for speakers

Unique experience and rich interaction
Unique experience and rich interactionUnique experience and rich interaction


  • One-on-one sessions
  • Group chat
  • Personal chat
  • Video call
  • Schedule meetings



  • Lobby
  • Presentation room
  • Company area
  • Network carrousel
  • Panel discussion



  • Presentation screen
  • Share documents
  • Q&A section
  • Co-presenter
  • Live stream

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The online event platform from goes further than usual meeting software. Attendees will be welcomed in the lobby, can choose between different rooms and can interact via several modes of communication with other attendees and speakers.

Curious? We gladly walk you through the platform. Contact Guido or Joakim for a live demo.

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