Organizing online events

Digital stage

Give your speakers a digital stage and let your participants interact

Up to 10000 participants

Organize online events from 50 up to 10000 participants all at a single location

1-on-1 meetings

Give participants the opportunity to organize 1-on-1 meetings with your speakers.

Unique interactive experience

An online event isn’t new. Digitalization has created multiple ways to organize online meetings, webinars and small events. Let’s Get Digital goes beyond the meeting software you know. The software offers all possibilities physical events normally offer. This means you won’t lose out on interaction with your participants, who’ll enjoy a unique experience. They’ll be able to network, acquire knowledge and discover new business opportunities from every possible location. All you need is an internet connection and a webcam. Do you want the experience how it feels to attend an online event? Every week we organise an introduction session where we talk about the different features of the session and give you tips & tricks for hosting an online event.

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Online networking

Let your participants network online with 1-on-1 meetings or during sessions. This is possible before and during the event using two interactive screens. You can follow a keynote or workshop on your laptopscreen while chatting with fellow participants on your phone.

Online networking
Online networkingOnline networking
Use your own brandingUse your own branding

Use your own branding

The platform can perfectly replicate your event’s branding. Preserve your look and feel by adding colours, logo’s and pictures.

Use your own branding

Data insight

One of the advantages of online events is the enrichment of data. You’ll get a clear idea of who your participants are and what the successes of your event are. Following up on leads has never been easier for you as an organizer, but also for your speakers or exhibitors.

Data insight
Data insightData insight
A perfect fit for international eventsA perfect fit for international events

A perfect fit for international events

Let’s Get Digital is a perfect fit for all kinds of events. We don’t just offer a solution to organize events during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also for international events. Your event’s number of participants will increase as participants save (travel) time and money

A perfect fit for international events

Collaboration with EventInsight

Let’s Get Digital is a collaboration between Eveninsight and With EventInsight’s innovative services and’s organisational software we’ve got everything we need to develop high-quality and innovative new products. Even online event registration is made easy.

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