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When you want to give a certain group a discount or a free entrance , you can set a discount code. 
This code is a combination of letters and numbers. In the dashboard you can set it at payments. 

  1. Open the payment options by clicking on PAYMENTS from the dashboard
  2. You can add  a ticket group/scenario
  3. Choose one of the two options: to generate a discount code or to use a custom discount code 

Here you will set the discount you want, when you want the participants to get 10 euro discount. It is really important that you will set a minus (-) sign before the price. It is also possible to set the price they have to pay eventually. 
In the scenario below the speaker has a free entrance for the event.
It is possible to make a generated discount code or a custom made discount code. 


Discount codes

A discount code is always connected with a scenario and is not depending on certain choices in the registration form, like optional fee components. It is possible to use just one discount code, but it also possible to use multiple codes, in this case every participant will get their own personal code. This discount codes you can communicate via the mail. 

  • Tip: When you use multiple discount codes it is important you keeping track of  the codes in an Excel sheet, so you will know what codes you have sent. 

Do you want to give a discount on certain optional components, you can use tracking codes. 


Searching for an feature?Searching for an feature?

Need help? has a lot of features to organise events. That is why we made a manual. Ideal if you are busy organising your first event on