Energy Geotechnics Symposium 2019 - Mechanics of the Energy Transition

Energy Geotechnics Symposium 2019 - Mechanics of the Energy Transition


Keynote speakers:

Remco de Boer

Researcher Remco de Boer MSc writes and speaks about the energy transition. He is the host of the podcast Studio Energie, a weekly interview program with the key players in the energy transition, writes a bi-weekly background article on the Expert-page of the Dutch Financial Times and is a commentator at Business News Radio (BNR).

Remco De Boer is a columnist at Delft Integraal Since 2012, the scientific magazine of Delft University of Technology. Formerly, he has been a commentator for a number of publications, for example, De Ingenieur and the technology magazine of the Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI).

His most recent book  – Tussen hoogmoed en hysterie – is a revealing reconstruction of the movement against shale gas in the Netherlands. Earlier publications of De Boer are ‘Verloren vertrouwen – lessen uit de Utrechtse asbestzaak’ (2012) and ‘Over communicatie en ander ongemak’ (2012).


Prof. David Potts,

After graduation from Kings College, London, Professor Potts undertook research at Cambridge University into the collapse of shallow tunnels which involved extensive experimental and analytical studies. From Cambridge he went to the Shell Research Laboratories, Rijswijk, Holland where he worked on experimental and theoretical problems involved in the cyclic loading of clay, on the development of numerical methods for analysing the foundation behaviour of marine gravity structures, on the stresses in oil well casings, and on the stability of offshore pipelines.

Since 1979 Professor Potts has been a member of the academic staff at Imperial College, responsible for teaching the use of analytical methods in geomechanics and the design of slopes, foundations and earth retaining structures, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He currently holds the position of Head of Geotechnics. Professor Potts has worked extensively on the development of computer methods of analysis and, more particularly, on the application of elasto-plastic finite element programs to the design of real geotechnical structures and the fundamentals of the coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical behaviour of thermo-active retaining wall. Currently, Professor Potts is the editor of Géotechnique.


Dr. Stefan Baisch

Dr. Baisch is managing director and partner of Q-con GmbH with over 15 years of geothermal and seismological experience. He is an internationally leading expert in induced seismicity and stimulation techniques in subsurface reservoirs, much sought-after by the geothermal and the oil & gas industry.

Stefan Baisch has developed innovative reservoir monitoring methods, led numerous large-scale seismic monitoring campaigns, and advises governments and institutes about geothermal and oil & gas policies and regulations.

He has a PhD degree in geophysics from Bochum University and is the author of many peer-reviewed scientific publications.


Technical Sessions


Energy Geostructures

Dr. Phil Vardon, Delft University of Technology

Energy Storage

Ir. Jan-Willem Rösingh, Perpetuum Energy Partners (PEP) Fûns Skjinne Fryske Enerzjy (FSFE)

Material Behaviour

Prof. dr. ir. David Smeulders, Eindhoven University of Technology

Offshore Energy Geotechnics

Ir. Joek Peuchen, Fugro

Induced Seismicity  Siefko Slob, Cohere Consultants

Heat Extraction & Distribution

Ir. Jorien Schaaf, EBN

Innovative Ideas and Concepts

Ir. Jacco Haasnoot, CRUX Engineering

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