ESCR Educational Workshop - Module 1: CT primer for radiologists

ESCR Educational Workshop - Module 1: CT primer for radiologists

ESCR Educational Workshop

Module 1: CT primer for radiologists

ESCR would like to welcome you to its first Educational Workshop.

Module 1: CT primer or radiologists Workshop
April 30 - May 1, 2014

Workshop Organiser
C. Loewe, Vienna/AT

Workshop Venue
ESR Learning Centre
Passeig de Gràcia, 86, 8th floor
08008 Barcelona

Workshop description/objectives
This workshop offers an introduction into the techniques and possibilities of Cardiac CT. Individualisation and optimisation of examination protocols will be explained on practical examples and radiation dose saving strategies will be shown. Additionally, segmental cardiac anatomy will be introduced and trained on practical cases. This workshop demonstrates how to approach a cardiac CT examination and how to set up a structured report. Recommendations for possible report organisation will be provided and the clinical application will be used on dedicated cases. The combination of demonstrated cases, self-reading of cases and discussion within the audience ensures optimal involvement of attendees and a maximal number of cases analysed within the short given time of the workshop. Additionally, information about the appropriate clinical use of cardiac CT according to the actual guidelines, as published by the international cardiac imaging societies, will be given. Top indications for cardiac CT will be discussed as well as still existing limitations. Since it is a workshop primer for radiologists, the main focus will be on providing an overview about the potentials and clinical applications, as well as the limitations of cardiac CT. Furthermore, proposals for standardised reporting of standard cases will be presented.

The special features of this course include
• small size of audience
• small number of teachers/presenters ensuring compact teaching concept
• working on workstations
• analysis of 25 - 30 clinical CT cases under supervision

Learning Objectives
By the end of this course, participants should be able to:
• optimize and personalise CT imaging techniques for the heart
• apply radiation dose saving techniques without sacrificing diagnostic image quality to cardiac CT protocols
• analyse cardiac CT following a predefined schema and provide a structured report
• report anomalies in cardiac anatomy and rate them in relation to clinical symptoms and treatment indications
• report coronary artery lesions according to the AHA segment model
• read cases of patients suffering from CAD and to correctly rate, grade and describe coronary artery lesions
• continue with upcoming and more advanced modules

Target Audience
1. Radiology residents (last two years of residency) and fellows in training
2. General radiologists interested in cardiac radiology
3. Cardiac radiologists in preparation of the European Diploma in Cardiac Imaging

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