We are happy to invite you to join the ESHNR 2018 Workshop and/or Gala Dinner.

ESHNR 2018 Workshop

Workshop on Head and Neck Ultrasound: Practical "Hands On"
The workshop will consist of small groups focusing on practical, interactive "hands on" ultrasound.

The courses will cover:
- A review of the relevant  head and neck ultrasound anatomy
- How to optimise image quality as well as probe usage (linear, curvilinear, hockey-stick)
- How to systematical examine the  head and neck region using  "sweeps" of the neck

Each small group will be guided by an experienced clinician and there will be ample opportunity to discuss the pearls and pitfalls of head and neck ultrasound imaging
There will be a concluding session to consolidate the  theoretical knowledge and practical skills

Date and time:
Thursday, September 27, 2018 | 14:00-17:00
Head and Neck Ultrasound Workshops

(repeated) Saturday, September 29, 2018 | 09:30-12:30
Head and Neck Ultrasound workshops

Price per ticket: EUR 50

ESHNR 2018 Gala Dinner

Gala Dinner at Apothecaries’ Hall
Friday, September 28, 2018 | 19:00-22:30

Price per ticket: EUR 70

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