ESMOFIR would like to welcome you to the
ESMOFIR Workshop 2015 – Diffusion 2.0

Diffusion 2.0
March 17, 2015

Workshop organisers
Olivier Clément, Paris/FR
Fabian Kiessling, Aachen/DE
Konstantin Nikolaou, Tuebingen/DE

Workshop Venue
Kupferbau Tuebingen
Hoelderlinstraße 5
72074 Tuebingen


Course Overview
One day before the European Molecular Imaging Meeting – EMIM 2015, the ESMOFIR workshop focuses on enhancing the theoretical knowledge and the practical and clinical know how of advanced diffusion-weighted imaging techniques in magnetic resonance imaging. The course will be composed of theoretical sessions on advanced diffusion-weighted imaging techniques, followed by sessions on clinical applications in oncology (whole body, lymph node, breast, prostate), neurology, and cardiac imaging. A round table discussion on validation of diffusion weighted imaging as an imaging biomarker for clinical trials will conclude the event. The idea is to promote recommendations in terms of technical requirements and post-processing methods for a better harmonisation among centres in Europe so to be able to compare data in large cohorts of patients in the future.


For further information about the workshop, please do not hesitate to contact the ESMOFIR Office.

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