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If you are not certain whether you are an OZSW member or not, please check this first in our online member directory.

On the course fee versus membership fee
Please note: the course fee is 250 euro for non-OZSW members, and free for members. The OZSW membership fee for senior researchers (not working for one of the OZSW founding partners) is 225 or 450 euro. PhD students can become a member for free if their 'promotor' or daily supervisor is a member. Instead of paying the course fee, it may be more favorable for your 'promotor' or daily supervisor to become a member before you register for this course

Selection/acceptance of participants_
In case of too many applications, the coordinator of the course will make a selection. In case of too little applications, the course will be cancelled. In case of cancellation, the OZSW will inform participants at least one week in advance. The OZSW is not responsible for any (accommodation) costs that students may have made in preparation for the course.

Please contact the OZSW office at if you have any other questions.

With best regards,
the Dutch Research School of Philosophy/ Onderzoekschool Wijsbegeerte (OZSW)

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy