Welcome to the The ExaChallenge Symposium.

Exascale systems are on the predicted path to appear at the end of this decade. Many of the challenges on that path have been identified, and research is underway to address them. What are the next steps to be taken by industry, research, and funding agencies? It is time to assess progress, reevaluate thrust areas, and align with funding and production realities.

The ExaChallange symposium aims to bring together industrial partners, funding agencies, and research institutions who will use these systems. In a series of short motivating talks followed by in-depth discussions by all invitees, the symposium will explore the current state of the field and gather recommendations from the key stake holders to determine what will need to be accomplished in the remaining years of this decade.

We hope to see you as an active participant this October in Dublin.
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The organizers:
Rolf Riesen, IBM Research, Ireland
Sudip Dosanjh, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
Larry Kaplan, Cray Inc., USA

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 event registration made easy