You can apply for two components of the FASHIONCLASH Festival: 

The Show program– 1-2 November 2019 
The Route – 1-3 November 2019

If you would like to participate in both components, please make sure you apply for both components at once!
1. The Show program / Friday 1 November + Saturday 2 November [PARTICIPATION FEE]

The Show program is a showcase for designers, performers, and artists. There is room for all kinds of styles of fashion design; from avant-garde and haute couture to street and sports styles, menswear and women’s wear. The Show program provides a stage for approximately 25 collections.
The overall approach to the presentation will be conceptual and performative, aiming to create unique experiences. All collections are presented within one overall concept, but within this, each collection will have its own presentation.

The Show program is divided into four blocks:
1 NextGen: Outspoken and innovative young designers who graduated no more than three years ago.
2 NextLevel: Proven fashion talents, graduated for at least three years.
3 Clash: Designers and artists who show fashion as art and/or question the boundaries of fashion. For example by applying a form experiment or by the innovative way of presenting. In this block projects, specially initiated for the festival, will be presented. Such as the iconic CLASH-Project.
4 Partners & Awards: A Showcase of designers who have won their participation in cooperation with national partners such as ModaLisboa, Kunstbende and the winners of the Fashion Makes Sense Award. In this block, the award ceremony will take place.

As a participant of The Show program, you will be automatically nominated for the FASHIONCLASH Festival Talent Award (a prize worth € 1500,-).
In addition to the jury award, several audience prizes will be presented. The public that is attending the shows will be involved in determining public prices. Prior to the program, visitors will be provided with information and voting forms. After each show, from each designer one outfit can be viewed from close by to help the audience in their final decision. Through this involvement, the visitor is challenged to take an active attitude, look at the work from content, and get inspired by the presented visions and statements.

The Open Call is open to designers from all over the world. You can apply for The Show blocks:
- 1 NextGen
- 2 NextLevel
- 3 Clash

Together with an external professional jury, the FASHIONCLASH Team will make a selection based on the applicant's portfolio, the quality of the proposed work and the abovementioned contents of FASHION MAKES SENSE and CLASH.

The participation fee depends on the number of outfits you'll present.
More info about the fee you will find in the application form.
2. The Route / Friday 1 - Sunday 3 November [FREE]

A. Individual Events
B. Showpieces exhibition 

The Route includes a collection of activities and presentations spread over various locations in the city of Maastricht. The Route gives the festivals’ visitors and participants a chance to explore Maastricht; the events will take place at various (unusual) locations spread over the city such as museums, shops, public space etc. All in walking distance, the Route is a multidisciplinary showcase of fashion in the broadest sense of the word.
The whole program is accessible to a broad audience and with The Route we aim to increase the synergy with the city and the audience. Moreover, to raise awareness on the current issues related to the fashion industry and to inspire the wider public with the art of fashion.
Activities can be visited individually and in random order. In addition, various guided tours will be organized to give the visitors the chance to experience the festival's content and dive in the variety of visions and expressions by new generation designers and artists.

Signing up for The Route is open to everyone; however, FASHIONCLASH will make a selection. The aforementioned substantive context will be applied; the Clash that stands for the art of fashion and the crossovers with fashion and Fashion Makes Sense that stands for awareness through innovation, sustainability and politics. The work that is chosen is inspired by current issues from the (fashion) world, contributes to awareness and/or is innovative in the field of material development and form research.

Participation of The Route is free of charge.
A. Individual Events

The Route is a mixture of individual events which can be self-initiated by a designer, artist, performer, shop owner or anyone willing to contribute to FASHIONCLASH Festival.
The aforementioned substantive context will be applied in the selection process; the CLASH that stands for the Art of Fashion and the Crossovers with fashion. FASHION MAKES SENSE stands for awareness through innovation, sustainability and politics.
The work that is chosen is inspired by current issues from the (fashion) world, contributes to awareness or is innovative in the field of material development and research.

The Individual Events consist of two parts: Exhibitions and Other:
1. Exhibition Examples:
-- Fashion and textile design
-- Accessory-, jewellery- and product design
-- Photography
-- Audio-visual
-- Video and film*
-- Illustration and graphic design
-- Fine arts
-- Installations

2. Other Examples:
-- Talk
-- Performance
-- Workshop
-- Pop-Up Store

FASHIONCLASH offers to contribute in finding the right location for your event, provides signing at the event location and inclusion in the official festival program.

* If you want to participate with a film or video, add a file or WeTransfer download link to your video complies.

B. Showpieces exhibition at De Bijenkorf Maastricht 
Showpieces is a multidisciplinary exhibition of statement pieces presented together in an overall concept designed by FASHIONCLASH. For this exhibition, we are looking for outstanding statement pieces - the so called 'Showpieces' - from a collection. This means that every designer shows his/her distinctive style with only one outstanding design.
The work can include clothing, objects, jewellery and accessories related to the context of the festival.

If we select your work for the Showpieces exhibition, please keep in mind your work should be in our possession no later than Thursday the 18th of October 2019.

The Showpieces exhibition will be fully organized by FASHIONCLASH and De Bijenkorf, Maastricht’s biggest department store.

Community program: Expert Meeting + Masterclasses

Sunday, the 3rd of November, the last day of the festival, is dedicated to the professional community that consists of designers, industry professionals, media etc. This is the perfect moment for all participants and professionals to get together in an informal setting (lunch), to get acquainted and to reflect on the festival and the state of fashion. All participating designers of the festival can participate in the Community program. 

There will be a number of masterclasses during the festival days that participants can register for. This program will be announced later. Participation in the Masterclass program is limited and will include a participation fee.
There will be a separate open call to join the masterclasses.

We strongly encourage all participants to be present during the festival and in particular to participate in the Community program.

Application Process
Please go to the page: Application Form, for more information and to apply for FASHIONCLASH Festival 2019.
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