The training will take the form of two 90-minute sessions via Zoom or a similar video conference platform. The time for each session will be split approximately between a presentation and discussion among participants. Participants will be asked to prepare for each session and discuss their preparation with the group.

The training participants will include the investment attraction teams of InnovationQuarter, Rotterdam Partners and the Hague Business Agency.


Session 1 - Responding to the current situation

This session will focus on the immediate impact of the current situation on FDI and how participants can respond in the short-term. Topics to be covered include:

  • How is the current situation impacting investment?
  • Which sectors and types of companies are being affected most?
  • How are companies responding and are they still investing?
  • What should the immediate priorities be for IPAs?
  • What are the best ways to approach and engage with companies now?
  • How have other IPAs from around the world been responding?

Participant preparation - each team member (or selected team members) will be asked to talk about a project that they are working on that still appears to be moving forward or a project that has been put on hold. 


Session 2 - Looking ahead

This session will take a longer-term view and explore how IPAs and investment attraction professionals will need to adapt over the next six to twelve months. Topics to be addressed include:

  • What will be the likely role of FDI and IPAs in economic development?
  • How will the nature of FDI change?
  • How open should IPAs be to different types of investment?
  • What target sectors and geographic markets are likely to generate the most activity and results?
  • How can IPAs broaden the way that their efforts are evaluated?

Participant preparation – each team member (or selected team members) will be asked to provide an example of a sector that they believe will have potential for generating investment in the medium term. There may be some overlap in the discussion between session 1 and 2 but participants will be asked to focus on different time horizons. Depending on the number of participants it may also not be possible for all participants to present the results of their preparation, although all participants will be able to contribute to the discussion. 

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 eenvoudig evenementen organiseren